In 2022, more than 38 thousand donors passed HIV tests in Almaty


January 19, 2023

On January 19, the staff of the Center for the prevention and control of AIDS summed up the results of joint work with blood centers of Almaty and transfusiologists of medical organizations in 2022.

The participants of the meeting noted an increase in the share of donors in the statistics of tests for HIV infection. In total, more than 38 thousand people were tested in blood centers.

Donors of blood and its components, germ cells and embryos, tissues and organs are constantly in the spotlight of doctors. There are also recipients under medical supervision.

The participants clarified the timing of the examination of donors, recipients for HIV for epidemiological indications, people with long-term blood diseases and hemodialysis.

Proposals were adopted to improve the effectiveness of joint work. Among them: high-quality maintenance of reporting documentation, mandatory recommendations for HIV testing to recipients, timely submission of reports.

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