Awards for the best doctors


June 17, 2022

On June 17, on the eve of the Medical Worker's Day, the best physicians were awarded at KNTsDIZ.


Opening the solemn meeting dedicated to the professional holiday, Asylkhan Abishev, director of KSCDIZ, congratulated the team and noted:

- There is no profession in the world, the importance of which in a person's life plays a greater role than the profession of a doctor, a nurse, as well as all medical personnel. The choice of the profession of a medical worker is very responsible. Because in this case, a person is responsible not only for his own life, but also for the lives of other people.

The skill of medical workers, a high sense of responsibility and duty, a sensitive and attentive attitude towards the patient - this is the key to a speedy recovery of the patient. These qualities are possessed by those who today received well-deserved awards from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan:- Zhunusova Gulfiya Anatolyevna, laboratory assistant of KNTsDIZ - "Enbek ardageri".- Zhegolko Marina Vladimirovna, chief physician of the KGP on the REM "East-Kazakhstan Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS" of the Health Department of the East Kazakhstan region - "Densaulyk saktauіsіnіnүzdigі".- Kasenova Olga Vadimovna, dermatovenereologist KNTsDIZ - "Densaulyk saktauіsіnіnүzdigі".- Almas Baikurmashevich Masalimov, Deputy Director for Medical and Preventive Issues of the CSE on the REM "Almaty Regional Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS" - "Densaulyk saktauіsіneқosқanүlesiүshin".- Kozhaeva Aigul Zeinollovna, dermatovenereologist KNTsDIZ - Kurmet letters.- Nagashbekova Gulmira Churakhanovna, specialist of the clinical diagnostic laboratory of KNTsDIZ - Kurmet diplomacy.- Raushanbek Akerke Kaldybekkyzy, epidemiologist KNTsDIZ, Algys.- Bayzakova Anar Tokhtarbekovna, nurse of KNTsDIZ, Algys.We heartily congratulate our colleagues on their awards! We wish you continued success, good health and family well-being!  





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