Awards to doctors of the AIDS Center of Almaty


June 17, 2022

On the eve of the professional holiday – the Day of the Medical worker, the best doctors of the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS were awarded letters of thanks.

Today there is no more significant profession than the profession of a doctor and a nurse. Every day they save human lives, provide first aid, determine the nature of the disease and the ways of its treatment. The profession of a medical worker is a very responsible choice. After all, in this case, a person is responsible not only for his own life, but also for the lives of other people.

The Day of the medical worker is traditionally celebrated in our country on the third Sunday of June. On June 17, at a solemn meeting at the AIDS Center, letters of thanks were awarded for selfless work and high professional skills:

- M. S. Tukeev – Chief physician from the Almaty city branch of the AMANAT party.

- Denebaeva A.E. – Deputy chief physician, Oshakbayeva G.M. – laboratory technician, Akhmezhanova A.K. - Head of the EPID department from the Bostandyk district branch of the AMANAT party.

- Bazarbekova A.B. - acting head of the org.method.department, Azekenova Zh.M. – laboratory specialist, Rysbek Sh.S. – epidemiologist from Bostandyk Akimat.

Congratulations to our colleagues from the bottom of our hearts! We wish you good health, success in work and family well-being!

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