HIVcanaffecteveryone: aparticipantintheaction


June 20, 2022

More than 100 people found out their HIV status at a rally in Kokshetau.

The main goal is to increase the level of knowledge of the population about the ways of transmission and measures to prevent HIV infection, to motivate people to get tested for HIV.

On the territory of the Central City Park, a mobile point of rapid testing and counseling was deployed, where everyone could find out their HIV status and get expert advice.

According to TamerlanAkylbekov, a participant in the action, such actions are necessary because HIV can affect everyone today. In addition, the young man is sure that people living with this virus are no different from those who have a negative status and have almost the same rights as all citizens of Kazakhstan.

Recall that such events in the park will be held monthly from June to October once a month. You can learn more about the time of the event from our social networks.

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