Replenishment in the Kazakh family Teenergizer


June 10, 2022

On June 10 in Almaty, 15 teenagers - activists received special certificates and joined the ranks of Teenergizer.

Teenergizer is a popular teen and youth movement in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This movement, which contributes to the development of the potential of every teenager, actively advocates for the rights of young people and freedom from all forms of discrimination, including the field of HIV.

Director of KNTsDIZ Asylkhan Turekhanovich Abishev came to congratulate the guys on a significant event. He noted:- At various international forums, I often observe how your peers, along with adults, do a lot of work to prevent and popularize knowledge about HIV. This is a worthy contribution to the fight against the HIV epidemic.It is gratifying to see that work is in full swing in our youth resource center, there are many teenagers and young people here, trainings and other activities are being held.

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