Round table in Zhezkazgan


November 26, 2021

On November 26, 2021, G. Bespayeva, a specialist of the Zhezkazgan department of the OC AIDS, took part in a round table organized by the Youth Resource Center of Satpayev, as part of the city plan of activities of the Campaign to Fight AIDS.

Round table on the topic “Tandau zhasai bil! Senin taadyryk uz kolyuda "was held in the coworking center" Jalyndyjastar "in the conference hall of the Zhezkazgan Higher Medical College.

Purpose: discussion with young people of the main factors and subjective reasons that induce young people to have early sexual intercourse, analysis of their consequences.

The frank conversation focused on various aspects of HIV and sexually transmitted disease prevention.

Students listened with special attention to useful information, actively asked questions and received comprehensive answers.

45 people covered.

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