A press conference dedicated to the World AIDS Day was held in Nur-Sultan 


November 25, 2021

On November 25, 2021, on the basis of the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS in Nur-Sultan, a press conference dedicated to the World AIDS Day was held with the participation  of  the  deputy  head of the city Public Health Department A. Rustemova and the director of the AIDS Center S.Abdraimov.

The speakers informed the media about the objectives of the 2021 Campaign, the events held, the level of HIV incidence and prevention measures. During the decade, specialists conducted a number of large-scale events, primarily aimed at raising awareness of the population, especially young people. The main goal of the Global Campaign is to remind the population of the importance of HIV prevention, to draw public attention to social protection and respect for the rights of people living with HIV.


According to the organizers of the press conference, today, thanks to the expansion of access to effective means of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection and opportunistic diseases, as a result of the introduction of care and support programs, HIV infection has moved into the category of treatable chronic diseases, and people living with HIV can live a long and healthy life. It should be noted that as a result of timely examination of various groups of the population for HIV, detection in the early 1-2 stages of the disease was 83%.

In general, within the framework of the Global Campaign, about   2,000 people were covered by information events, 285 of them underwent rapid HIV testing.

 Mass Information Media took part in the press conference: TV «Astana», «Eurasia Kazakhstan 1», «STV», Radio «Shalkar», Republican newspapers «Egemen Kazakhstan», «Aikyn», «Astana akshamy», Information Agency «Tengrinews.kz», «BAQ.KZ», «Kazinform Strategy2050.kz», «Informburo», «Elorda Akparat».

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