More than 50 PLHIV received consultations


November 19, 2021

On November 19, at the Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS in Almaty, people living with HIV received free consultations with a mammologist and hepatologist.

PLHIV have a lot of concomitant diseases, therefore, examinations of narrow specialists are very necessary. Within the framework of the campaign "HIV: Hear Everyone", which is now taking place in Almaty on the occasion of World AIDS Day, the doctors of the Center have invited renowned specialists for counseling.

Head of the Department of Mammology, GKP on REM "Almaty Oncological Center"UOZ of Almaty Tusupbekov Erlan Nurmukhametovich and senior physician-surgeon Edil Mendullaevich Kulambaev examined 25 women of fertile age with HIV infection. Hepatologist, gastroenterologist Kaliyakparova Aidana Serikovna from the GKP on the REM "City polyclinic No. 5" of the Department of Healthcare of the city of Almaty, conducted consultations for HIV-positive patients.Many thanks to the doctors for the consultation!


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