For the effectiveness of compulsory health insurance


June 28, 2021

 On June 28, the participants of the extended online meeting discussed topical issues of compulsory social health insurance (OSHI) in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 The reason for the meeting is very important: in connection with the introduction of the compulsory health insurance system, many representatives of key population groups have difficulties in obtaining access to medical services. The initiator of the event - the UNAIDS office - invited representatives of state, international and non-governmental public organizations to discuss all the issues of concern to the OSHI.

A. Abishev, director of KSCDIZ MH RK, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech, who noted the need to consolidate the efforts of all participants to solve the problems of compulsory health insurance, as well as conduct educational events and popularize knowledge. O. Ibragimova, Deputy Chairperson of the CCM, Acting Kazakhstan Union of People Living with HIV, also noted the importance of joint efforts in overcoming barriers to compulsory health insurance.Deputy Chief Physician of the Republican AIDS Center of the Kyrgyz Republic A. Bekbolotov spoke about the experience of receiving medical care for key population groups in the context of compulsory health insurance in Kyrgyzstan (after the entry into force of the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic “On approval of the mechanism for decentralizing medical services to people living with HIV in the Kyrgyz Republic).Speaker Irina Podskochaya, head of the Department of the National MHIF made a presentation on obtaining medical care in the Republic of Kazakhstan (SGBP and OSHI).Zoya Ruzhnikova, head of the Shapagat public charitable foundation, presented the proposals of NGOs on the guaranteed volume of medical care for persons with socially significant diseases.

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